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Library Policies

·      Electronic Resources

The licensed electronic resources made available by the University Library are for research, instruction, and related activities of current California Southern University faculty, staff, students and other authorized users. 

U.S. Copyright Law (including the protections of “fair use”) and contractual license agreements govern the access, use, and reproduction of these resources. In general, authorized users may access such resources for noncommercial, educational, scholarly and research purposes. Prohibited actions generally include:

§  Large-scale systematic downloading of articles or other information

§  Posting copyrighted materials on a publicly accessible web site

§  Resale or commercial exploitation of licensed information

·      Alumni

Alumni do not have remote access to the CalSouthern Library online databases due to contractual agreements with vendors. The University purchases access for currently enrolled Learners, faculty mentors and staff. All other access is prohibited. The decision concerning alumni access lies out of the Library's or University's control: the vendors decide, and the University must abide by their decision.
Explanation Note: The CalSouthern Library receives generous discounts for remote access to the databases. These discounts are received in part as a marketing device: the vendors wish to make Learners familiar with their product in the hope that in their later career they will purchase and use the databases in the corporate context and at the corporate rate. Once CalSouthern Learners cease to be active with the University, they join the potential corporate pool for the vendors. 


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